Montessori Childrens's House

Junior Casa Curriculum

Our Junior Casa curriculum nurtures each child's natural curiosity and potential through hands-on learning and individualized instruction. Grounded in Montessori philosophy, it fosters independence, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills.

Practical Life

Develops essential life skills and motor skills through activities like pouring and tying shoelaces.

Sensorial Exploration

Refines perception through materials like color tablets and geometric solids.

Language Development

Builds literacy foundation through phonetic sounds and storytelling


Introduces abstract concepts through concrete materials like number rods.

Cultural Studies

Explores geography, history, science, and botany through hands-on experiences.

Art and Creativity

Fosters self-expression and imagination through various artistic mediums.

Music and Movement

Promotes coordination and rhythm through singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

Outdoor Exploration

Enhances physical health and connection with nature through outdoor play and gardening.