Montessori Childrens's House

Toddler curriculum

Our Toddler Montessori curriculum provides a nurturing environment that supports early development and exploration. Rooted in Montessori philosophy, it focuses on fostering independence, sensory exploration, and social-emotional growth.

Practical Life Activities

Promotes independence and fine motor skills through tasks like pouring and buttoning.

Sensorial Exploration

Stimulates senses through textures, shapes, and colors

Language Development

Introduces language through storytelling and vocabulary activities

Gross Motor Skills

Enhances physical coordination through outdoor play and movement activities.

Fine Motor Skills

Develops hand-eye coordination through activities like threading beads

Art and Creativity

Encourages self-expression and sensory exploration through various art mediums.

Nature and Outdoor Exploration

Connects children with the natural world through outdoor experiences.

Social and Emotional Development

Nurtures social skills and emotional expression through positive interactions.

Practical Skills

Introduces basic tasks to promote independence and responsibility