Montessori Childrens's House

Senior Casa curriculum

Our Senior Casa curriculum builds upon the Junior Casa foundation, preparing children for academic success and personal growth. Rooted in Montessori philosophy, it emphasizes critical thinking, independence, and a lifelong love for learning.

Practical Life

Advances independence and fine motor skills through tasks like food preparation.

Sensorial Exploration

Deepens sensory perception and spatial awareness.

Language Arts

Develops reading, writing, grammar, and comprehension skills.


Explores advanced concepts like fractions and geometry through hands-on materials.

Cultural Studies

Expands understanding of global cultures, history, and environmental science.

Science and Technology

Introduces scientific inquiry and technological literacy through experiments and investigations.

Fine Arts

Explores various artistic mediums and techniques while studying art history

Physical Education and Health

Promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy habits.

Community Service and Leadership

Fosters social responsibility and leadership skills through service projects and volunteerism.